Monday, November 24, 2014

Cobblestones in Pilsen vol. 4. The city on Sunday

On Sundays the houses dress up and look at themselves in the shop windows. On Sundays construction sites are laying idle. Potholes in the road are yawning and the piles of soil are lying low as if they were caught doing something. On Sundays even bulldozers are friendly. On Sundays I need to call my mother to calm her down. On Sundays I video chat with my fiancée in a low voice.

  • Our first WRITER-IN-RESIDENCE Mihály Etlinger (*1990) is a very talented young Hungarian writer who came here for one month thanks to our partner Pécs Writers' Program. He is going to share his thoughts with you via social media networks. "This diary" will be published afterwords in a special online blog.


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