Monday, December 8, 2014

Cobblestones in Pilsen vol. 10: The sky

If it wasn’t for the only sudden sunlight in three weeks sieving through the clouds, I would tend to think the skies are eternally grey here. But it isn’t the kind of cold grey, it’s a rather calm, self-conscious, conservative greyness. Steadiness stops time, paused time allows you to take advantage of it. The brochures depicting the city were all made in the summer. That must be a completely different city.

  • Our first WRITER-IN-RESIDENCE Mihály Etlinger (*1990) is a very talented young Hungarian writer who came here for one month thanks to our partner Pécs Writers' Program. He is going to share his thoughts with you via social media networks. "This diary" will be published afterwords in a special online blog.


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