Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cobblestones in Pilsen vol. 12: Drain cover

Any road we’re walking on will eventually lead us to a drain cover. This is like law. The drain cover lets us leave behind the cobblestones we’ve walked past, it may even let us forget about them for a moment. Then new cobblestones will come, but they will be nothing like the old ones. When we think back, these drain covers will be the only things we can put names to. I go slower as I pass this drain cover. I’m tying up my laces, trip over, stare at shop windows, crash into a lamppost, whatever. Cobblestones, the pixels of the city, will carry on stirring the road.
  • Our first WRITER-IN-RESIDENCE Mihály Etlinger (*1990) is a very talented young Hungarian writer who came here for one month thanks to our partner Pécs Writers' Program. He is going to share his thoughts with you via social media networks. "This diary" will be published afterwords in a special online blog.


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